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Ask anyone who has walked up the hill at Winthrop in October. Any athlete who has stood between the ropes of a major championship. Any spectator who has stood holding their breath as they watch a disc suspended in the air, searching for a safe landing in bounds. You can feel the electricity in the air. 

The feeling you get from pure disc golf is undeniable. It’s the same feeling you got the first time you sent a disc down the middle of a tightly wooded fairway. That feeling is what drives us.

US Disc Golf is the constant evolution of disc golf excellence. Raising the bar each year for the next generation of disc golfer. The future is our target, but the present is our passion.

The primary goal of US Disc Golf is to grow the sport we all love, by fostering a community driven expansion of every corner of disc golf both recreational & professional.  From the pinnacle of major championship tournament experiences at the USDGC, to the casual weekend round with the whole family at the local disc golf course, US Disc Golf is here to make a difference.

Your disc golf goals are our disc golf goals. 

US Disc Golf partners with world-class championships and tournament directors to deliver a premium disc golf event experience. US Disc Golf leadership helps bring together the total disc golf package.

Top-tier disc golf media, LIVE broadcasts, and creative content.

The most elite fields in tournament disc golf.

The best experiences for every casual disc golfer & World Champion alike.


US Disc Golf is taking disc golf to the next level.